The Hawk

The Hawk is a robust plug-and-play IoT data logger and sensor hub designed to support an extensive range of sensor integrations.

The Hawk is available in multiple connectivity, power, and housing variations, giving you the flexibility to purchase only what you need to build your remote monitoring application.

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Key Features

  • Available in several power and housing variations to best fit your application
  • Flexible I/O Card Architecture caters for plug-in cards that define the 9 inputs/outputs, offering limitless options for interfacing to sensors such as SDI-12, I²C, 1-Wire, iButton, 4-20mA, RS-485, RS-232*, Analog Inputs, Digital Inputs, Pulse Counting, Digital Outputs, Switched Power.
  • Ultra-low power design for maximum battery life
  • Multiple external power options including solar power – can also supply power to external sensors
  • Powerful task management to schedule or run tasks based on sensor thresholds and events
  • Over-the-air (OTA) Remote Device Configuration, Management and Firmware Updates
  • Securely send data to any end platform via TCP Direct or HTTPS Webhook


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