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A simple easy solution for protecting your assets, simply ‘Place & Trace’

We offer a simple easy solution to protecting your assets. Our units come ready to go, with SIM card installed. Simply order your device + monitoring subscription which will be shipped right to your door. Download the app, place your device and rest easy. Your unit is configured to wake up and report once a day while it is immobile. If your asset starts moving or moves out of a geofence, it can send you an alert email to your phone. Simply open the App or the platform on your desktop and track your asset in real time.

Basic Asset Tracking

Advanced Asset Tracking

  • The Dart

    The Dart is a compact, economical, yet feature rich GPS/GLONASS tracking device. Perfect for powered asset and fleet tracking. Easy install with the supplied wire harness or the optional OBD plug in.

    Device $139.99
    Asset Tracking subscription $10.99/month

  • The G100

    The G100 is a compact 3G advanced GPS tracking device with a variety of inputs and outputs to cater for the most demanding applications.

    Device $199.99
    Asset Tracking subscription $10.99/month

  • The G100 with Iridium

    The G100 compact 3G advanced GPS tracking device with the Iridium Modem provides position updates even when no cellular coverage is available.

    Device $619.99
    Please contact us for Iridium package pricing.