About Us

Simple, Easy to Use Solutions For Protecting Your Assets

WestCoastGPS is a wholly-owned Canadian company providing reliable, affordable, and innovative solutions for every market segment and industry sector.

WestCoastGPS offers a simple easy solutions for protecting your assets. Our units come ready for the customer out of the box.

WestCoastGPS configures each unit and tests it to ensure it is working correctly, with the sim cards already installed. Just power up the unit, place the device, log on to our web platform or download the app.

Your unit is configured to wake up and report once a day while it is immobile. If your asset starts moving or moves out of a geofence, it can send you an alert email to your phone. Simply open the App or the web platform on your desktop and track your asset. In the event the asset is stolen, simply switch to Recovery Mode and track your device in real-time.

Our range of devices and software solutions deliver the optimum solution, at the right price.

For fleets or more comprehensive tracking needs please contact us so that we can find the solution that meets your needs.

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