The Guppy - gps truck and cars tracking

The Guppy

The Guppy Bluetooth is low-cost, compact, IP67 rated and runs off of 2 x AAA batteries for up to 5 years, and won’t require a SIM or data plan. Meaning it can be readily attached to almost anything to provide a low-cost asset location. It is particularly useful for low-value or smaller assets where it may not make commercial sense to attach a device such as the Yabby GPS or Oyster2.

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The Remora2 and soon to be released G120 have BLE5 modules on board. These devices operate as gateways, enabling them to scan for Bluetooth devices within range. If the gateway detects a Guppy tag nearby, then the Guppy’s location can be approximated. Battery powered gateways – Remora, scan periodically. Powered gateways – G120, scan constantly for Bluetooth signals. The Guppy transmits beacons approximately every 2 seconds (configurable).

The Remora2 and G120 maintain a “tag list” and report intelligently on a change of information, uploading when:

  • A new tag is found (comes within range)
  • A tag is lost (goes out of range)
  • Periodic update of the list

The Remora2 and G120 report a collection of information about the tag:

  • Tag serial, type, battery level, temperature, transmit power level and signal strength
  • estimated location based on the location of the Remora2 or G120
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